Things Bougie Customers Say To Their Server At An Overpriced Seafood Restaurant On The Jersey Shore (McSweeney’s 2019)

Stitched (Booth 2019) Print *Non-fiction

Jewish Relatives Talking About My Sex Life (Glimmer Train Press 2018) Print * 2nd Place in “Very Short Fiction” Contest

 A Certain Kind of Cleanse (Dying Dahlia Review 2018)

Exit 105 (The Normal School 2017)

Rhubarb Pie (Gambling the Aisle 2017) *Chosen for republication

Clean (Folio 2017) Print *Awarded editor’s prize

Into Bed (365 Tomorrows 2016)

Synagogue (Five on the Fifth 2016) *Nominated for a Pushcart Prize

Fourteen Things You Don’t Know About Dalia (Print Oriented Bastards 2016)